Why Is My Steering Wheel So Stiff?

A hard-to-turn steering wheel is not only excruciating to deal with, but it can put your safety at risk. When your steering system lacks maintenance or becomes worn out, you may experience this symptom. Fortunately, you can rely on the experts at River City Tire & Automotive to pinpoint the exact problem at hand. Here are some possible problems that can cause a stiff steering wheel:

  • Low power steering fluid - This fluid is necessary to power and eases your steering functions. We'll check for leaks and top your car off on fluid if necessary.
  • Faulty power steering pump - This component needs to produce the right amount of pressure to offer effortless steering. When the pump is damaged, it may make a buzzing or humming noise when you turn the wheel.
  • Defective serpentine belt - This rubbery belt can crack and break over time. It runs through your power steering system, so you may experience stiffness as a result of a damaged serpentine belt.
  • Damaged steering rack - The steering rack is a component that is exposed to high heat and road debris, so it could get damaged by external conditions. 

These are just several of the many possible reasons that could be causing your rigid steering wheel. When you experience this problem, it is vital that you take your car to our auto repair shop for inspections right away. 

With state-of-the-art tools and equipment and skillful technicians, we'll get down to the bottom of your steering problem in no time. Let us keep you safe on the road and bring your car to River City Tire & Automotive for repairs today.

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