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Why is my Engine Oil Leaking Constantly? What Can I Do To Stop It?

Reasons For Engine Oil Leaks | River City Tire & Automotive

Have you ever felt like your car is leaving a mark on the road - quite literally? Engine oil leaks can be the bane of any car enthusiast's existence, turning your driveway into an oil canvas and your ride into a frustrating ordeal. 

Why is my Engine Oil Leaking Constantly?

To solve a problem, we must first understand its origins. Engine oil leaks have a few notorious culprits that we will briefly look at in a bit. To simplify the answer, the main culprit of oil leaks is bad seals and gaskets - when they go bad, everything starts to leak.

Worn Gaskets and Seals

Imagine your engine as a well-sealed fortress, with gaskets and seals guarding its precious oil reserves. Over time, however, the heat and wear and tear can weaken them, leading to oil escaping from various points - as we mentioned above.

Loose or Damaged Oil Drain Plug

Sometimes, the solution to a persistent oil leak can be as simple as tightening a loose or replacing a damaged oil drain plug. It's the automotive equivalent of fixing a leaky faucet.

Cracked Oil Pan

A rough encounter with a pothole or a collision with road debris can spell doom for your oil pan. A cracked oil pan is a clear invitation for oil to make its grand escape.

Worn Piston Rings

If internal engine issues are at play, such as worn piston rings, oil can sneak its way into the combustion chamber, creating that infamous blue smoke and steadily depleting your oil levels.

What Can I Do To Stop It?

As all things in vehicles, maintenance and frequent inspections go a long way. Here is a list of things you can follow to ensure an oil leak free drive:

  • Regular Inspections: The first step is to identify the source of the leak. Regularly inspect your engine for any signs of oil accumulation or wet spots. This will help you pinpoint the problem area.
  • Replace Gaskets and Seals: If you find that gaskets and seals are the culprits, don't delay in replacing them. It's a bit of a labor-intensive process, but it's necessary to maintain a leak-free engine.
  • Tighten or Replace the Oil Drain Plug: If it's a loose or damaged oil drain plug, tightening it or replacing it with a new one should do the trick.
  • Fix or Replace the Oil Pan: If you've got a cracked oil pan, it's essential to fix or replace it promptly. Ignoring this can lead to more significant engine damage.
  • Address Internal Engine Issues: In cases of worn piston rings or other internal problems, it's best to consult a mechanic. They can diagnose the issue and recommend the necessary repairs.

Oil leaking issues or need a change? Don't worry because River City Tire & Automotive is here to help with all of your car's maintenance and repair tasks - just contact us, and we will see you in a bit!

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