Why Is My Car Veering Off to the Side?

Your automobile should naturally keep straight when you have your steering wheel straight. If you notice your car swerving off to the left or right, there could be a few potential problems. It could be anything relating to your tires, brakes, suspension, or a combination of many things that can cause your car to drift. Once you notice this symptom, please do not wait to go to River City Tire & Auto for an inspection. Read on to learn more about the potential causes.



Incorrect wheel alignment is one of the most common culprits for vehicle drifting. The misalignment can occur over time due to poor tire maintenance and/or obstructions with potholes and other road obstacles. We recommend having your wheel alignment checked periodically to avoid major issues down the line.



Improper tire maintenance can certainly impact the stability of your drive. Uneven wear, low tire pressure, and a disregard for tire rotations can cause uneven tire wear. As a result, the uneven tire pattern can cause your vehicle to pull to one side. \



If one or more components in the suspension system have worn down, it can cause your car to be bumpy and unstable. Since the suspension system connects the wheels to your car, it needs to stay in tip-top shape for optimum handling and safety. 



Brake problems, including damaged brake components or uneven brake pads or rotors, can cause your car to drift left or right. Furthermore, failure to clean, maintain, and service your brakes can cause excess wear and tear on these components. 


If your vehicle keeps pulling left or right when you want to drive straight, please bring your car to the professionals for an inspection right away. Our experts can quickly locate the problem and perform the necessary repairs to have you in control again. We invite you to call or visit River City Tire & Auto today.

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