Why Do Car Batteries Die in the Winter?

The extreme coldness that accompanies winter can spell tragedy for the car batteries. Essential fluid in the car battery evaporates during hot summer. When winter comes, the battery slows down its chemical reaction and ends up overworked. Although many batteries survive during winter, others are not lucky, they die.

Your car battery can last up to between three to five years. But if your car has the battery that it came with, you should consider buying a new one during winter. Remember that buying a large battery will not last or offer you the best performance. Ensure the battery you are choosing is compatible with your car.

Here is more information about why the car batteries do not last during winter season;

Effects of Cold

Lead acid car batteries can survive in many temperatures, but their performance drops drastically during winter. The capacity of lead acid temperatures drops by 20 percent during winter, and around 50 percent when the thermometer sinks to -22 degrees Fahrenheit. The change in capacity means that even a new battery may not produce the amperage needed to start the car. The problem is worse when the battery is old.

The Effects of Heat

Heat can kill your car's battery for different reasons. While Capacity increases severely in high heat, the life span of your battery reduces. A battery that functions in 77 degree weather is likely to last 50 percent longer than the batteries that are exposed to temperatures in excess of 92 degrees. The life of the battery reduces by 50 percent for every 15 degrees increase in temperature.

Signs your Battery is Almost Dying

Look out for the following signs if you are in doubt whether you battery is surviving or dying this winter;

  • The engine is slow to crank
  • The clock and other features are not working as usual
  • The dashboard warning light is illuminating
  • Your battery case looks swollen
  • Uncommon is oozing from below your hood

Getting Started

Winter can disorient your budget plans especially when you must replace your battery. But storing your car in the shade can help you get the most out of your battery during summer. You can store your car in a covered carport, garage or under a tree. The temperature of your battery will reduce but overtime it will make a difference in expanding the life of the battery. If you need battery repair in Davenport, IA, we invite you to bring your vehicle into River City Tire & Automotive today!

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