When Should You Change Your Spark Plugs?

Most drivers jump to the battery when they have problems. However, most people don’t realize that it could be other things like your spark plugs. Your spark plugs are responsible for making the spark necessary to start your engine. Over time, they can become old or worn.


So, how do you know when to replace your spark plugs? Read on to learn about the symptoms of failing spark plugs.

  • Check engine light illuminated on the dashboard - This haunting yellow light can come on for many reasons, including bad spark plugs. When your spark plugs struggle to work, they will trigger your check engine light to come on. 
  • Rough idling - If your car makes pinging, rattling, or knocking sounds when it idles, your spark plugs may be the culprit.
  • Slow acceleration - If you notice that your vehicle isn’t as quick to respond when you hit the gas pedal, it may be due to aging spark plugs. When your car drives sluggish, it’s time to check on the engine and spark plugs.
  • Poor fuel mileage - When spark plugs are running on their last leg, it can cause your vehicle to consume additional gas. If you notice your MPG dropping, it may be traced back to your spark plugs.
  • Trouble with car starts - This is an obvious sign that your car will have problems starting once your spark plugs have given out. When this occurs, please take your car to our auto repair shop soon.

If you suspect that your spark plugs are on their way out, please do not hesitate to give our auto repair shop a visit. We can replace your spark plugs and anything necessary to restore your engine performance. Please give us a call or schedule an appointment with River City Tire & Automotive online today.

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