What Is An Engine Air Filter?

Just like how it is important for us to breathe clean air, it is also important for your engine components to get clean air as well. The outside air is full of dust, debris, and other particles. When this air enters the engine, all the contaminants get trapped in the engine air filter to allow for clean air.

The engine air filter is a major part of the air-intake system. Without an effective air filter, your vehicle will not run efficiently as it should. Similar to the air filter we have in our homes, the filter is made of cotton or other materials that are made to trap various sizes of particles.

Over time, the filter will trap a considerable amount of dust and contaminants, which will dirty up the filter. Therefore, a dirty air filter can get clogged and reduce air flowing into the engine. As a result, it can impact engine performance and cause inefficiency. 

Why Should You Change the Engine Air Filter?

You should change your engine air filter right before it gets dirty enough to restrict engine air and cause an imbalance in the fuel-to-air mixture in the combustion engine. Otherwise, your vehicle can suffer major consequences. Most automakers or vehicle manufacturers recommend replacing your engine air filter every two years. However, the best way to go about replacing it is to check it yourself. 

The filter can be located near the engine. You can tell when it is dirty if the filter is no longer white and has a grayish hue. If you need assistance inspecting the engine air filter, feel free to ask your tech at your next oil service appointment.

If you are in need of an engine air filter change, please call or visit the professional team at River City Tire & Automotive soon. We look forward to having you!

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