What is a Head Gasket Leak?

The head gasket in an automobile engine is a panel with rings that sits between the cylinder head and engine block. As a barrier to stop engine fluids from seeping into the cylinders, the head gasket is installed. The head gasket closes off conduits to the oil and water in addition to acting as a barrier to the cylinder. The head gasket degrades with time as the effects of temperature variations become more pronounced.

Blown Head Gasket Causes

Your engine could overheat and rupture a head gasket if this heat rises over normal. The additional heat causes the cylinder head and engine block to expand excessively, which leads to a head gasket failure. Another reason for head gasket failure is detonation, which harms the armors or fire rings and lets cylinder pressure seep past the armors. Signs of a blown head gasket are like:

Telltale Leaks

A leak is one warning sign that, when it comes to auto repair, you can always rely on it to be significant. Since the fluids in your automobile are supposed to be in a closed system, any fluid loss that goes beyond condensation from the air conditioner can be a red flag.

External oil or coolant will seep from the engine block and cylinder head seams in the event of a blown head. These leaks are an indication that the head gasket has failed, and you should get it examined.

Startup Troubles

Be on the lookout for white exhaust smoke while the engine is starting. Your car is undergoing a series of intense beginning processes, and cooling is especially necessary. White exhaust fumes are a sign of a failed head gasket because of this. The cost of blown head gasket repair can seem frightening. However, the costs of waiting until this problem "gets really serious" far outweigh the expected costs.

A blown head gasket is really a problem if it finds you unaware though with proper servicing and maintenance you can curb this issue. If you need head gasket repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to River City Tire & Automotive today!

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