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What Does the Color of My Fluid Leak Mean?

Car Fluid Leak | River City Tire & Automotive in Davenport, IA
The color of car fluid leaks can provide valuable clues about the condition of your vehicle. That is why we've come to you today with this helpful guide: you can identify potential problems using clues such as looking at the color of specific fluid leaks.

Here's a guide to understanding the colors of car fluid leaks:

  • Clear: This is usually just condensation from the air conditioning system and is not a cause for concern.
  • Red: Red fluid can indicate a leak in the transmission or power steering system. It's essential to have this checked out by a professional technician as soon as possible, as driving with low transmission or power steering fluid levels can cause severe damage to your vehicle.
  • Orange: Orange fluid can indicate a coolant leak. Coolant is essential to keep your engine from overheating, so a coolant leak should be addressed immediately.
  • Yellow: Yellow fluid is usually brake fluid. A brake fluid leak can lead to brake failure, which can be extremely dangerous. Have this checked out by a mechanic immediately.
  • Green: Green fluid usually indicates a coolant leak. While the coolant is essential to keep your engine from overheating, a leak can be caused by a variety of factors, such as a cracked radiator or a damaged water pump.
  • Brown: Brown fluid can indicate an oil leak. Oil is essential for keeping your engine lubricated, so a leak should be addressed immediately to avoid serious engine damage.
  • Black: Black fluid can also indicate an oil leak, but it's usually a sign that the oil has become dirty and needs to be changed.

If you're experiencing any car fluid leak issues, don't hesitate to bring your car to the team at River City Tire & Automotive. Our team of experienced mechanics can identify the cause of the leak and provide you with the necessary repairs to keep your car running smoothly. 

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