What are the biggest driving distractions?

Millions of people are killed or injured in car accidents each year. And while the factors leading up to the accident may vary, it's impossible for a driver to be fully attentive when their windshield is being bombarded with various distractions.

The six most common driving distractions include:

1. Cell phone use

Whether texting, calling, or accessing social media, drivers become far more attuned to their phones than they are to the road. Avoid using your phone when driving!

2. Eating and drinking

While this may seem like a good way to take your mind off things, eating and drinking while driving is dangerous. Although no law in the US prohibits eating or drinking nonalcoholic beverages while driving, it puts you and other road users at risk.

Eating or drinking while driving takes the attention away from other tasks such as checking the mirrors, signals, or road conditions. In addition to this, eating or drinking while driving can cause potential injuries or death if an accident occurs while you are distracted by your meal.

3. Cognitive distraction or Daydreaming

Instead of paying attention to the road, a driver's mind may wander to other thoughts.

Cognitive distractions can be caused by anything from a stressful day at work to sleeplessness. Once you are engrossed in a task or subject matter, it is difficult or impossible to concentrate on the road.

4. Activities of passengers

Passengers are responsible for more accidents than they may think. Even things like fidgeting, grooming, eating, or even having sex can be dangerous distractions to driving.

5. Children and pets

Depending on the personality of your child or pet, they can distract you during a trip as well. Every time a young person puts their head out the window while driving (or has their head sticking out the sunroof), it could cause an accident if another driver isn't paying attention to what is going on around them.

Aside from that, cats and dogs often sit or lie in laps or on laps in cars causing them to become small obstacles in front of the driver's eyesight.

6. Adjusting the radio or climate control

If you have ever been driving and changed the radio, you know that it takes your mind off the road and can distract you. When changing the temperature, it is important to not change it on a car that is in motion and has others nearby. This is because the sudden switch in weather may cause the cold or heat to create problems for other drivers.

There is not one single answer to the question of what are the biggest driving distractions. The individual's driving habits are what will determine which distractions are the most distracting. For example, if someone is an avid texter, and they have a short attention span, staring at their phone and texting may be very distracting. However, if an individual has a long attention span, they may take little notice of their phone because it is typical for them to stare at their smartphone for long periods. This article demonstrates that accidents can be caused by a driver distracted from the road.

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