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We have exciting news! River City Tire & Automotive is now part of the GreatWater 360 Auto Care family! This means we can offer our customers even more than before; with upgrades in training, technology, and equipment that allows us to service your vehicle better, and a new 3 Year/36k Mile Nationwide Warranty. Most importantly, you’ll find the same friendly faces and top-notch service you’ve come to know and trust!

Top 5 Labor Day Holiday Driving Tips

Did you know that Labor Day weekend is one of the busiest driving holidays? More often than not, friends and family gather together to use the Labor Day weekend as a final hurrah before summer ends. Whether you’re heading to a local park for a BBQ or to take a swim at the lake or beach, make sure you’re prepped and ready to get there safely. 


With millions of drivers on the road at the same time, a lot can go wrong. Follow these tips below to avoid fender benders and other accidents:

1. Get a Pre-Trip Inspection

The easiest, full-proof way to ensure safe travels is to get an inspection from an automotive professional. You can avoid the common problems on the road such as drained batteries, damage to belts and hoses, and flat tires. Our automotive technicians have your back, and we will check your tires, fluids, belts, hoses, brakes, and more to ensure your safety.

2. Bring an Emergency Kit

Emergency kits are always excellent to have on hand. The essential items to include are flashlights, batteries, first-aid kit, phone chargers, jumper cables, spare tires, multitools, emergency flares, etc. It might seem inconvenient to pack this much stuff for a weekend getaway, but you’ll be more prepared to handle any challenging surprises along the way.

3. Leave Early

Traffic congestion is going to be the worst in the afternoons and early evenings. That is why we recommend getting out on the road bright and early if you have a long trip ahead of you. You can always rest later!

4. Take Breaks If Necessary 

Taking a break at a rest stop can reduce fatigue and give you the opportunity to stretch those legs. And brakes are absolutely a must when you have children or pets in the car. If you’re feeling sleepy, it is extremely important that you take a break. Driving while drowsy can severely affect your reaction time, which can cause accidents. Therefore, make sure you’re well rested for the drive. And take breaks!

5. Don’t Follow Cars Too Closely

A huge mistake drivers make, especially when they are stuck in traffic, is following too closely. Instead, give yourself extra space to brake and stop in time. Overall, this will give you more time to react to stopped traffic, potholes, speed bumps, and other hazards.


If you need a quick vehicle inspection before summer comes to an end, please do not hesitate to bring your car, SUV, or truck to the experts at River City Tire & Automotive.

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