Is The Condition Of My Brake Fluid Important to Brake Performance?

Brakes are very important in a car because they will keep you safe. Just imagine driving and when you need to use the brakes and there are none. It can cause a very bad accident and also claim lives. Therefore brake fluid is very important in brake performance.

How does brake fluid work?

Most cars have a hydraulic brake system. When you put pressure on your brake a piston in the brake caliper is compressed which increases pressure in the brake lines. The pressure goes to the brake pads which will then press against the brake rotors making the car slow down or come to a stop. Without brake fluid, you will not have brakes. Brake fluid should be of high quality because poor quality brake fluid can have disastrous effects on your brakes.

Brake fluid can be contaminated and that can cause problems. Signs that your brake fluid needs replacing can include:

  • You have a brake warning light on your dashboard
  • You need to put more pressure on your brake pedal before getting a response
  • Braking earlier than you are used to doing
  • Your brakes respond slowly

How to replace old brake fluid?

Old brake fluid can be replaced by doing a Brake Fluid Flush. This means that you bleed the old fluid out of the system with a high-pressure power flush machine, and replace it with new high-quality brake fluid. To make sure that your brake system is of high quality, a brake fluid flash is the best thing to do.

Because the braking system is so important in your car, you will need to service your brakes regularly to make sure it is up to par. You will know when a service is needed when your brakes are not working like you are used to. The condition of brake fluid is very important to brake performance.

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