Flat Tire Prevention Tips

Experiencing a flat tire can be one of the most significant nuisances for any driver. Not only is it troublesome and requires repairs, but it also puts a stop to your entire day. If you ever encounter a flat tire, we want you to know that our team at River City Tire has your back! Our team will do everything to keep your costs low and get you back on track right away.


Signs of a Flat Tire

Some flat tires are more pronounced than others, which is why it may take hours or days to notice them. On the other hand, your tire can also blow out, which is what it sounds like. Besides a deflated look, a flat tire has other noticeable symptoms (and side effects). 

  • You may notice your vehicle handling feels off
  • You may hear a loud sound or rumble
  • You might feel vibrations or shakiness when picking up speed
  • You may see poor tread
  • You may see bulging or blistering spots on the affected tire
  • Significantly low tire pressure

As soon as you remark one or more of these warning traits, it would be best if you safely pulled over to inspect your tires. If you need assistance in a more meticulous examination of your tires, please visit the pros at River City Tire. Our skilled techs can run a series of tests to see if the tire is recoverable through a plug or a patch. If we cannot patch up the affected tire, our technicians can assist you in choosing the right tire. 


How to Prevent a Flat Tire

  1. Be more observant of the path you are on. Try to dodge potholes or any road obstacles if possible.
  2. Make sure you keep up with your necessary tire rotations. Tire rotations ensure that tire wear is even on both the front and rear wheels.
  3. Make sure you correct misaligned tires right away to avoid adding pressure on one tire over the others.
  4. Check your tire pressure regularly and ensure that tire pressure meets the manufacturer's requirements. Also, test your tread with the trusted penny test to determine when it's time to get new tires.

If you have any queries or concerns concerning your tires, please do not hesitate to visit or call River City Tire!

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