Driving Tips for Senior Drivers

As you hit your 50s, 60s, and beyond, you experience changes and your views change on driving. You might want to be more cautious and slower, instead of racing down the highway like you once wanted to do. If you feel like driving has become a hindrance to you, make sure you follow these safe driving tips:

  • Only drive in good conditions - We’re not just talking about the weather here. Your personal well-being and the safety of your car need to be in tip-top shape to ensure your drives are safe. However, the rain, snow, or fog can also make it more difficult for seniors to drive. Always remember that it is okay to wait.
  • Refresh your memory with a driving course - We understand traffic rules and signs can be a little confusing. A quick refresher of these will make you a more confident driver. Courses are typically short and can even be done from home.
  • Make visits to check your vision and hearing - Having healthy vision and hearing is imperative to older drivers. These tend to weaken with age, so make sure you get tested and treated if necessary.
  • Know your medications - Some elders may have medications to take, and some of them may have drowsiness as a side effect. If your medicine has drowsy effects, make sure you hold off on driving. 
  • Put your cell phone on silent - Cell phones are one of the biggest distractions for people of all ages. If you have a phone, we recommend putting it on silent mode to avoid the distractions of texts and calls. 

Aging is a part of life, and you shouldn’t have to quit driving because of it. To keep you safer on the road, we hope you follow these tips. Additionally, the team at River City Tire & Automotive will help you take care of your vehicle. Please give us a call or visit if you need auto maintenance or repairs today.

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