Does My Car Need a Tune-up?

Most machines are delicate and require regular checks to ensure they function efficiently. Cars are not any different. Getting your car a tune-up frequently will save you a lot of issues in the future.

When does your car need a tune-up?

Newer automobiles with electrical starting and systems for fuel injection are expected to operate from 25,000 to 100,000 miles without requiring a substantial tune-up. Many old cars have non-electrical starting hence the need for a regular tune-up after around 12000 miles or at least every year. As the owner, you might need to examine which one comes first. If you engage in a lot of long-distance driving or tow big items, your starter motor may need to be tweaked more frequently. A comprehensive tune-up involves all or most oil changes depending on the condition, mechanical repairs of parts that might be worn out or broken, and a safety inspection to ensure that everything is up to code.

Signs you need a tune-up

In case you are wondering whether your car needs a tune-up, here are some symptoms to look out for;

You're hearing strange sounds

Without being a professional car mechanic, it will be very hard to determine what the peculiar noise implies. Even so, the most appropriate course of action is to take your vehicle in for a tune-up to determine the source of the issue and maybe avoid a much greater issue down the line.

Warning lights

If you've seen any warning lights, it's most likely your car's method for asking for a tune-up. People frequently disregard warning signs, such as the engine light, resulting in more expensive repairs in the future.

Trouble starting the car

If your automobile won't start, it might be due to a variety of problems. It is probably a faulty battery, however, it might point to the starter motor in the car and a tune-up will remedy this. Regardless, if your automobile has problems starting, it has to go for repair. Don't overlook the problem.

Tune Up in Davenport, IA

A vehicle runs on many different parts and systems working together. Make it a habit to take yours for a tune-up to ensure all parts are taken care of. And if you suspect your car needs a tune-up today, feel free to stop by our shop for professional help.

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