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We have exciting news! River City Tire & Automotive is now part of the GreatWater 360 Auto Care family! This means we can offer our customers even more than before; with upgrades in training, technology, and equipment that allows us to service your vehicle better, and a new 3 Year/36k Mile Nationwide Warranty. Most importantly, you’ll find the same friendly faces and top-notch service you’ve come to know and trust!

Celebrate Earth Day With Eco-Friendly Vehicle Tips

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd, as a reminder to take care of our planet. As an auto repair shop, we understand the impact of the vehicles we work on and their environmental effects. We feel like it is our responsibility to we want to share some tips on how to make your vehicle more eco-friendly.

Keep Your Vehicle Well-Maintained

Regular maintenance not only ensures that your car runs smoothly but also helps reduce emissions. This includes replacing air filters, spark plugs, and oxygen sensors when necessary.

Check Your Tire Pressure

Underinflated tires can decrease fuel efficiency and increase emissions. Check your tire pressure regularly and keep them inflated to the recommended level.

Use Eco-Friendly Products 

When washing your car, use biodegradable soap and avoid using harmful chemicals. You can also use eco-friendly car wax to reduce your carbon footprint.

Stop Idling

If you are waiting for someone or are stuck in traffic, turn off your engine instead of idling. Idling wastes fuel and produces unnecessary emissions.

Choose an Eco-friendly Vehicle for Your Next Car

If you are in the market for a new vehicle, consider a hybrid or electric car. These vehicles produce fewer emissions and are better for the environment.

By implementing these eco-friendly tips, you can help reduce your carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the planet we live on. Let's work together to make every day celebrated like Earth Day! Please call or visit River City Tire & Automotive for all your auto repair needs.

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