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Car Maintenance For Infrequent Drivers

Infrequent driving implies a condition where one lightly drives their vehicle. Unlike high-use vehicles, infrequent drivers would drive their cars for a short while and park them in the garage for an even more extended period. People think that it is a good habit to maintain the efficiency of their vehicles. Ironically, infrequent driving causes more harm to your car than intensive driving. Vehicles are supposed to operate under high temperatures and long drives. When you transform your car into a short, stop-and-go vehicle, you don't give its engine the chance to warm up properly and thus jeopardize its efficiency.

Maintenance for infrequent driving

Therefore, infrequent drivers should subject their vehicles to constant maintenance because the more the cars stay in the garage, the higher their chances of developing complications. The following are some maintenances practices that infrequent drivers should engage their vehicles:

Regular oil change

Despite the low mileage that you subject your car to due to inefficient use, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't change your oil regularly. You are more likely to change your car's oil more frequently than a high-use driver. Mechanics recommend that low-use car users change their car's oil twice a year. You do not change your car's oil because the oil wears out but because the additives in the oil wear out whether you drive your car hard or not. The constant stop-and-go driving stresses your engine's fluids and jeopardizes its efficiency.

Go for regular rides

Professional mechanics advise that you make random trips at least once a week to avoid any complications from developing in your car engine. The random drives will allow the engine and the exhaust system to warm up. When a car's engine sleeps for long, moisture will condense and cause a condition called hydro lock that will require an extensive engine overhaul to repair.

Ensure your tank is full

If you are an infrequent driver, ensure that your tank is always full. The risk of having a space in your tank over a long period is air condensation. The condensed air will corrode your fuel tank and even contaminate your fuel. Contaminated fuel will clog your car's filter and corrode the fuel pump.

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