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4 Signs Your Serpentine Belt Is Failing

The serpentine belt is a fundamental component of a car's engine as it connects various accessories. It winds around pulleys on the alternator, the water pump, AC compressor, and air pump.

Over time, the belt may become defective and affect the engine's operations. Read on for some warning signs of a failing serpentine belt that needs a repair or replacement.

Belt Wear and Tear

The most obvious sign that shows the serpentine belt needs replacement is the wear and tear of the belt. Keep an eye on cracks, frays, and missing pieces on the tread that could cause belt slipping during operation.

Some damages like missing tread pieces can be hard to diagnose without visually inspecting the vehicle. On the other hand, cracks can cause the belt to stretch and produce squealing sounds that indicate a replacement is necessary.

Weird Noises

Reiterating on squeals, strange sounds from the front of your car could indicate that the serpentine belt is failing. You can inspect the hood to determine the source of the sharp noises.

If the noise comes from the engine as it runs, the culprit could be a failing serpentine belt. However, it isn't the only engine component that causes squeals and squeaks. That's why it's imperative to get professional insight.

A Failing Engine

Have you noticed that your car's engine is overheating more often? If that's the case, the water pump which cools it might be inefficient. And a problematic pump could easily result from a failing serpentine belt.

When the engine isn't running optimally, the serpentine belt could be slipping. Now might be a good time to replace the belt to avoid engine damage.

Malfunctioning Car Accessories

Serpentine belt failure could also cause failing car functions that rely on the belt. For instance, if the AC system, the alternator, or the power steering pump malfunction one after the other, the belt might be blown and needs replacement.

Another sign that the belt is worn is if the car accessories stop working and begin running after turning your car off for a while. Here, the serpentine belt might be stirring up problems while operational.

To Conclude

Besides limiting optimal vehicle functionality, a failing serpentine belt may damage a vehicle's engine. You can't afford to ignore the problem and hope it goes away. However, remember that diagnosing the issue might need a trained eye.

That's where we come in. If you need serpentine belt repair, we welcome you to bring your vehicle to River City Tire & Automotive for expert help!

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