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3 Reasons Why You Should Keep Up With Your Oil Changes

There is a long list of the different forms of automotive maintenance that drivers need to get in order to keep their vehicles running in good condition. If you don't want to end up broken down on the side of the road or have to get extensive and costly auto repairs, auto maintenance is your ticket to success. The number one most important (and usually most frequent) maintenance service are oil changes. 


Oil changes are the key to a healthy engine. This fluid service may look different from car to car, depending on its automaker, model, age, and more. While most people will find it strange to have to keep spending money on a working car, neglecting oil changes is not the way to go. It can be a costly mistake. Below are the top three reasons why oil changes are SO crucial for your engine:

Lubricates Engine Components

Fresh and clean motor oil promotes good lubrication. Your engine has many moving parts that can engage in metal on metal contact if it weren’t for motor oil. The increased friction will ultimately wear the parts down faster, which is why motor oil helps extend the life of the components. 

Removes Contaminants in Engine

A big advantage of oil changes is that it involves rinsing all the old oil out of the system. As oil flows through the motor over time, it tends to collect an abundance of dust, dirt, and metal shavings. An oil change is a great opportunity to cleanse the engine from these harmful substances.

Regulate Engine Temperature

With friction greatly reduced and temperature-stabilizing additives, oil changes can keep your car engine temperature low. Fresh oil can absorb heat, keeping the system cool and promoting smooth operation.


Oil changes are a quick and affordable way to keep your engine running strong. All in all, you should never put off your oil changes. Every manufacturer has particular recommendations for your oil change intervals, and you should always follow that schedule.

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